Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I know I am have been so M.I.A the past...well almost a full week. I decided to stay an extra day in Springfield but I am back and I will have my butt planted in St. Charles for basically the next three weeks. I will be missing my friends (and boo) but it will be nice not be driving 3 and half hours every week for a bit.

Anywhoos-- this weekend was a whirlwind crazy. Daycrawling with my fave ladies, trips to branson to see Linds' new place ( I am so jealous that I am stuck in my parents house and not pinteresting all over a new apartment) and of course being downtown with the girls and playing with my honey! It went WAY too quick. A couple of the girls moved out of their place and it made me realize how 'over' college is. Of course I am not delusional and I know I am now trying to make it the big world, but it is just sad that I don't live in Springfield anymore. It is not just a place I visit. Bittersweet.

I did see two, wait three, job openings. I applied and now going to call the principals tomorrow. PUH-LEASE send good vibes...I want a job so badly. Let's see how it goes..

I am also going to be making a new page called '25 by 25'-- somewhat a play on 100 in 1001. I am hopefully going to get that posted in the next few days.


{PS i hope everyone is as obsessed with Olympics as I am!}

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