Thursday, July 26, 2012

It's Okay Thursday

Alrighty I am linking up again with Amber for "it's okay" Thursdays

Its Ok Thursdays
It's okay--
that I am driving to Springfield for the 4th weekend in a row because it's to see my honey!
that I am way too excited to go to my fave bars downtown and get a little wild
that I am not totally packed yet (and I have to leave in an hour)
that I HATE going to the gyno
that I am SO OVER summer and ready fo Fall
that I am probably going to stop and get another cute shirt to wear this weekend (even thought I am B-ROKE
that i have been a terrible RHONJ fan and am SO behind on eps
that I will not post again until Monday (but I promise to have lots of pictures and hopefully interesante stories from the weekend.)
Have a fab weekend! See you Monday.

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  1. Does anyone like going to the gyno? Ugh! That is one of the most dreaded things for me.


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