Sunday, June 3, 2012

Summer Sunday


It is not even noon and I have been so productive. My mom and I made it to the gym by 9 and got a great workout on. I have had breakfast and pinterest-ed (is that a word?) and now I am blogging. Pretty great for a girl who likes to sleep til noon on Sundays. Well it helps I didn't do anything last night which is NOT like my Saturdays at ALL! Ugh, hopefully St. Charles will be better as the summer goes on. *Staying Positive*

So I am hoping this week FLIES by. I have my friends bachelorette party in Springfield on Friday. I AM SO EXCITED to see friends and have a few adult beverages. On the plus side it's on the south side of town so it will be more relaxing and not as crazy crowded! Hopefully there will be cute boys ;)

Alrighty well this is a short one but I am of to pinterest more. haha :)

Also I will be uploading pictures to facebook soon so I might add some here. I am still thinking about doing the 360 photos album. I need to be taking more photos because it makes me feel better.


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