Friday, June 8, 2012



well it is here! I will be leaving for Springfield in a few short hours for Megan's Bachelorette party! I am way too excited (can't cha tell?) It is a much needed 2 day break from family drama. Seeing friends, dancing, my fave Springfield eateries is exactly what I need (and want of course;))

Well I woke up this morning and I awoke from an emotional dream. In this dream I was very upset and crying (Why is this post taking a depressing turn-- bear with me) and when I finally woke up I was so sad and my chest was so heavy. It was about an emotional thing I am trying to move past-- let's not get in tot aht no. ANYWAY I HATE waking up like that. I have this tendancy to remember my bad dreams and not remember the happy ones. It is ridiculous. I feel better now but does anyone else ever let dreams affect their awake self, whether it's good or bad?

hmmm... Okay so I know that was depress-y but I had to get it out. BACK to happy FRIDAYS :)

Here is an e-card (dirty yes!) BUT hilarious. Love a gooy lymeric.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will post pictures of the bachelorette party when I get back.


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