Wednesday, June 6, 2012

25 years

Happy Hump Day!

Well it's Wendesday evening and I just got back from my parents aniversary dinner. They have been married for 25 years. WOAH. We just went to Red Lobster. My mom was craving sea food so off we went. It was DELISH! I let myself not worry about what I was eating and just enjoyed. I brought home leftovers, but I am just going to let my dad take it as lunch. (I don't want to eat bad two days in a row). Anyways, it was a nice dinner and I think we all enjoyed ourselves.

I AM SO EXCITED!! I am going to be heading to Springfield in TWO DAYS!! :) I am way too happy. I cannot wait to see my friends and have a few (or more) adult beverages. It is going to be a nice time to relax and not worry about getting a job or anything like that. Tomorrow I am going to go look for a new dress or something. I obviously need something. ;)

I have been adding more blogs to my reading list and a lot of them are doing 'blog challenges' and I think I want to participate. I might start doing one...we shall see.

night. xo

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