Wednesday, May 30, 2012

So many plans :)

SO many things being planned for this summer.

Number one: FLOAT TRIPS x2. I was already planning on working out and getting healthier this summer but this is going to make me kick it into GEAR! All of my friends are skinny and gorgeous so if I have to be around them in my swimsuit, I  need to be the best I can make myself in 2 months.

Anyways Day TWO of going hard at the gym was today and I am feeling great! I am going to try and be very dedicated this summer. It helps that my mom is eating so healthy and that is basically all we have in the house. I just gotta get my butt to the gym.

but in other news this summer... bachelorette parties, weddings, trips to see my moose in KC, my BIRTHDAY are just  a few. I am getting excited!

Oooh, I still need to clean my clothes out of my car which I am SO not looking forward to. My closet at home is 1/4 the size the one at school and my dresser drawers are 1/2 the depth of my big dresser I used at school...UGH! I am gonna tackle that tomorrow.


I suppose that is it. I wish I was more exciting.

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