Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Crazy Boy and the Sexy Pants Girl

Okay so entry two--- I am not really sure about what I want to write about because nothing interesting has really happened to me in the last few days. Life has been fairly boring... Lame.

HOWEVER, I did go downtown on Tuesday night. (Now before I continue let me remind you that I cannot remember the last time I went out during the week--besides a Thursday, but Thursdays are the weekend anyway) I went out with two of my friends and of course we had to start out with shots at her apartment because why would we wait to the bars? Yeah, moving on...the night is going quite fine when we get downtown. Drinks, shots, cute boys, 90's music what could be better? Well about an hour before bars close, my friend (sexy pants blonde) is talking to some boy and this other kid...boy... comes over and accosts our guy friend and starts in on how 'sexy pants blonde' is "playing" (I freaking hate when people say playing) him. Of course our guy friend has never met this guy is trying to apease this guy and his feelings because he is getting more emotional but the second. BY THE WAY sexy pants and this kid have met only a few times and texts once in a while, a realtionship this does not make. Anywhoos "Sexy pants blonde" is bouncing around and has no idea that psycho boy is pouring his heart to complete strangers.

Now let us fastforward about 35 minutes and crazy kid has not stolen blonde upstairs. After five minutes of looking for her we find her trying to escape crazy. Now she knows what a psycho we have on our hands and we quickly exit the bar. So after leaving the bar blonde is 'textually assaulted' by this boy for the next few days with texts that include but of course not limited to ' I thought you were a nice girl'..'I cannot believe you just went and left with your friends' etc. OH and multiple calls were recieved that night as well.

So moral of the story? I am not really sure there is one, BUT my question is WHY do people become SO crazy over people that they barely know? This kid was in no way shape or form dating sexy pants and yet he stalked her down and basically cried a river to her friends that he had know for .5 seconds. What makes someone so irresistable that you will make a complete and utter fool of yourself for, that in reality you barely know. Is it purely looks? The cheap bar talk or couple text messages you have exchanged? What?

Hmmm...I am sure that story was not at all exciting, but it makes me wonder about people and their emotions and the never ending question--- did the booze make him do it?

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