Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Summer Bucket List--What Happened?

Well since the first day of fall is a week from today i thought I'd share how my 'bucket list' for summer went down. What happened and what didn't.

You can find the original post here.

My summer bucket list included---

-Going on vacation (duh this shiz is already booked...I am looking for guest posters, if you are interested) --YUP! I went to Galveston, TX with my family and D. I posted all about it here.

-Read at least 5 books--- nope. didn't happen. I only read three.. #fail

-Reach my 30lb lost goal by my birthday (July 13, I am about 7lbs away)This did happen. Not by birthday, but early in August I finally hit the 30 lb mark!

-DIY a new table-scape, a new collage/something above couch---- yeah...This didn't happen either.

- Run 3.5 miles straight without any stops (only .40 to go) YES! I did beat this wayyyy early in the summer. Up until saturday my furthest was 4.0 straight. Then I hit 5.40 this past saturday. I am not running that far/long every time. When i do run, I am hitting about 3.0-3.5 miles. I want to start focusing on speed. I plan on doing 'longer runs' saturday mornings, but during the week I want to be focusing on speed for a while

-Organize my teaching files and get all the at-home things I can do, get done. done & done.

-Clean out & organize my closet YUP! It is actually a bit messy again, & i plan on going through it again at the end of the week!

- Go to a STL Cards game-- womp womp.We never did :(

-Get a professional massage-- Nope.

-Go on at least one float trip Yes we did go on one at the end of july.

While I didn't hit my entire bucket list, I did get a lot done :)

Did you guys have a summer bucket list? Did you get it all in??

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Puppies and Pinterest. The life of a teacher.


I am so glad monday is out of the way. It was cold rainy..and well a Monday. Today should be a much better day.

So my weekend was wonderful. The weather was unbelievable and I had a nap and Chinese, I mean really what more could you want?

Chinese on a cold rainy friday with the manfriend? yep, that's how it goes.
Fridays are evidently for scanning pinterest for lesson ideas!

Saturdays are for being a mother truckin' boss on the treadmill. YEP you read that right!!! I ran 5.50 miles WITHOUT STOPPING AT ALL. I ran over a freakin hour!!!!!! How is that possible, i  do not know!!! Back in Janissary I couldnt' even run 5 minutes without be winded...and now look at that. BOOOOOOOM #beastmode.

Selfie saturday, le duh.

Sundays are for meal prepping. Is anyone interested in a post about how I meal prep. I am not professional but it has helped me out amazingly and I would love to share. ALSO, it doesn't take the much time, but is sooooo worth the time it does take.

lemme know.

ALSO fitting in goal jeans, yup. These bad boys didnt even go over my butt early spring, the not only go up but are totally zipped and comfortable :)))

Dave's brother's dog had puppies a few weeks ago and they are so dannnnng cute & fluffy :) We had dinner over there Sunday evening!

Oh and his niece was there & I am in love.
EEEEK, i cannot get over her and cute she is :)

How was your weekend?
Anyone else glad Monday is over??

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fall Wish List

So even though today is not very 'fall-like' outside today (high of 91, gag me) I am craving fall like crazy! I am wanting 60s and jeans with hoodies. We had gorgeous weather this weekend and I am totally ready for that to continue


BUT since its in the 80s today I thought I'd share a few things that I am wishing and needed for fall.

{1} Moccasins

I have always loved moccasins. They are chic and comfortable. I have never seen tall ones like these & I am in love. But the short ones will do just fine :)

{2} Patterned Leggings.
I am late to the party as always, BUT i am loving patterned leggings lately. Are they still in? I have a pair of black and white ones from F21, but I can see some colored ones getting into my closet soon!

{3} Dark polishes

I have many bright and pinky polishes. I need to stock up on darker colors. Deep reds, navys & emeralds.

{4} Fall scented candles.

I mean duh. I am so ready for my apartment to have that apple/pumpkin/Cinnamon scent all over  :)

{5} Navy Bag
My brown one has seen better days. I do have a classic black and a deep red bag, but I have been eying navy bags lately and I am thinking this will be my next purchase!

What are you wanting for fall??

Wednesday, September 3, 2014



Um it's already Wednesday, and I love it. Tomorrow I have a sub because I have meetings. I won't lie, it will be nice to have a day where I am not teaching and I can sit and learn about a few things. HOWEVER, i seriously cannot think of a job where there is more to do when you miss a day than when you are actually there doing your job.

UGH. prepping sub plans is exhausting (poppin in a movie is a thing of the past people).

BUTTTT just gotta make it through today & power through Friday and I get happy hour with teacher friends :) #drank

I need to stop hash-tagging in posts. I am so annoying.

So anyways since I was so MIA for over a week, I thought I'd fill ya in on a few things going on currently.

{Drinking} H2O, a lot of it. Also, LOVING those blendicanos that I posted about last week. Look it up on IG. Its a guilt free starbucks drink. If I get my workouts in during the week, I treat myself to one on Friday

{Watching} We finished the Following a little while ago, and i am OBSESSED. Once Upon a Time season 3 just got out on Netflix, so I will be watching that this weekend.

{Wanting} to sleep in. Things have been so crazy and so busy at work, I have been up at 5:30 every day and at school before 7. (I know that many of you get up then or earlier, but holy cow it's exhausting)

{Eating} A lot of peaches. They are SO dang good and walmart gas HUMONGO ones this week. I loaded up. Oh I also tried a Luna Bar for breakfast yesterday & it was yummy

{Reading} I literally have had zero time to read for pleasure, but the chapter book we are reading right now is "Ramona the Pest" by Beverly Cleary

{Excited for} FALL! All things pumpkin, scarves, boots and leggings. Don't hate me kate :)

{Listening} a lot of disney music. I compiled a list on Spotify that I play for my kiddos

There ya have it!
What are you currently up to?

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Overalls & Chocolate Mask

Three-Day Weekends should be an every other week..every week thing.

I mean can i get an amen?

So this was a fabulous three day weekend and I can't complain  too much about starting on Tuesday & I have meetings on Thursday, so I'll have a substitute. So realllly this week should totally fly by.

it should.
Anyways here is a look at my weekend! Sorry if you follow me on IG, because a few are repeats.


Heading to school.  Jeans & a tshirt on Fridays, yep. I love it.

Jen & I got the boys tickets to see Turnpike Troubadours on Friday. We started at our favorite Mexican Restaurant which of course meant margs were needed :)
Jen & I waiting for the boys in the truck.
My Honey :)
Jen & I before the concert started.
Yeah they wore overalls..obviously we were thrilled. Good thing we kinda sorta like 'em.
They were awesome We were general admission and ended up getting right down front :)


Dave & I were up and movin early & hit garage sales in the morning!
We also ran a few errands which included heading to the mall where D treated me to an Auntie Anne's pretzel.

There was lots of napping & we watched netflix all evening. I also have been watching Beauty Vloggers on youtube. #nerd

We woke up & hit the gym early. I have been feeling sicky so I was hoping to sweat it out! I actually do feel a bit better.

I did a chocolate mask to refresh. I won't lie, i wanted to eat it, it smelled soooo good.

D's parents came over Sunday night for spaghetti. But i was too busy playing hostess to take any pictures. #fail.

We were big ole bums all day. Naps, grocery shopping & meal planning happened though. The weather was GORGEOUS so we had a BBQ at Jen & Codys!

There ya go! That is my weekend!
Phew, It went toooo fast. as always.

What did you guys do this weekend?

Friday, August 29, 2014

5 on a Friday


I literally didn't think I was going to make it. the beginning of school is EXHAUSTING!
Let me tell ya!

I am pooped.
exhausted. BUT I have a concert to go to tonight. We are going to see 'Turnpike Troubadours' with the boys tonight. Jen & I surprised the boys with tickets because they LOVE this band...and well those cutsie boys deserve it after having to deal with our beginning of school drama llama selves.

I am pretty excited...mostly because I have a cute outfit ;)

so anywhoos here is my 5 for Friday!



{2} I ran 4 straight miles AGAIN Monday. I killed it. I did it a few weeks ago, but I had been focusing on speed instead of distance for the past few weeks, but i wanted to see if I could do it again, and BOOM i did it! I also ran 3 miles on Wednesday, 2 of which were at the fastest I have ever ran...ever. Am i becoming a runner?

{3}Where the eff is fall? These 98 degree days need to GTFO. I want 50s and scarf weather. Fall where are you friend?

{4} Blendicano. If you follow any fitness instagrams, I am sure you have heard of it. Order it. Its great and there is no guilt for drinking a starbucks.

{5} 3 day weekends.  I have been needing this, bad. Come on 3pm

Happy Friday ladies :)
have a good one. Follow along for the fun at Sarah71389 on IG.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sometimes it's not Forever

I have always had a hard time letting go.

I hate saying good bye. I hate when things end. It has never been easy for me.

I am the type of person who always has the 'what ifs' in my head. I over analyze and think up 35309 ways things could have been different. Then I obsess over it.

However, as I grow up I am starting to realize everything is not forever. Change is the only constant in our lives. How you feel a year from this exact point might totally and completely different. People come and go from our lives. People who you were so close with and a bond you never thought would break, can and will be broken. People fall apart from each other. I have come to accept this.

Is it it easy? no.
Do I still go back in my head and think of how I could fix the situation? yes.
But some situations are not meant to be fixed.

Sometimes people are not meant to be your friends or part of your life forever. And that is okay.

Feeling awful and feeling bad is not a forever thing.
Life goes on and you have to grow from each person who is a part of your life. You will not be stuck with anger and sadness forever. You will not feel helpless forever. It will get better because you know that very few thing are forever.

Recently I have had to let go of a very good friend. This was someone who has been part of my life for a long time. We had many amazing fun times together, but we have grown apart. It is not a blame game because I know I have my faults. At this point in my life I need people who bring out the best in me and who I bring out the best in. She wasn't one of them. I am saddened the for loss of such a dear friendship. Most days I want to reach out, but i remember the hurt and anger and right now I am not ready to forgive or let her back in. I won't say we will never be friends again. Never is a long time. However, for now, for this time I need to exhale all the toxic from life and focus on the good. Its okay that we are not best friends.

because sometimes it's not forever.