Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Favorites

Start the hallelujah chorus. We made to Friday!

I am so glad because this has been such a long week! I am counting down until 4:00 because then I get to head to happy hour with some teacher frannnnns. Margs & Chips & Queso.


I am ready for sleeping in and gettin out n about this weekend. The weather is suppose to be  gorgeous fall temps. PLUS NO RAIN!!!! FINALLY! It has been so gross and rainy out this week that I am about to go bananas.

Anyways here are a few faves from the week.

This jam.

My new bulletin board for fall outside my classroom

This Crock Pot Recipe. I made it Wednesday. It was SOOO good :)

This cute boy.

cue #grossgush

have a wonderful friday.
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ALSO if anyone knows any pumpin' jams i can add to my workout playlist, lemme know!!I am doing a long run on saturday & I want some new stuff.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Things I fight with my boyfriend about

Now before you get all snoopy, I am not here to aire dirty laundry about our relationship. Somethings, such a real arguments are meant to be private. However, there are just some things, D and I cannot agree upon

The list is as follows but not limited to.

+ How to fold towel.
This is how I do it (the correct way...)

How he does it (The weird way...)

+Brushing your teeth--he uses hot water, I use cold to rinse.

+How loud my voice actually is when we are indoors. Literally when he 'shhhh-s' me I want to throat punch him. I don't though, I promise

+PB2 and Greek Yogurt. I say NOM, he says gross.

+How loud the music should be in the car

+The fact that even though it's 'just chicken & veggies' chinese food is NOT healthy

Haha, well that is the little stuff we disagree about.
anyone else?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Apple Butter Makin' Days

How is it already Monday?
 I literally just left work...

anyways, as always it was fast weekend. Spent pretty much all of it with my main squeeze. It was nice to have zero 'have to' plans and we got to whatever we felt like.

So yeah, there were no pictures from Friday because I fell asleep at 8pm... I'm wild. Join my party, only if you can hang.

D & I went to a town close by for a yearly even called ' Apple Butter Makin' Days' it's basically a huge all weekend festival! I had never been and I wanted to experience it at least once. It was rainy & cold but wonderful! I indulged too much on kettle corn, sweet tea & loaded cheese fries.
The we watched the cards get best Saturday night, booooo!
we are cute...

My boyfriend is..special. This is his dancing oven mitt dance! Good thing he doesn't read this bc he'd kill me for posting it ;)

A coffee on the cold Sunday as I grocery shopped.
Meal prep. Wine makes it better
Once Upon a Time, my guilty pleasure.

and then last night was finished off with watchin those birds win with a 9th inning walk off!

Add in binge watching 'The Following'on Netflix was a big part of the weekend.

There ya have it!
Very relaxing, exactly how I like it!! How was your weekend ?!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Work-Work-Work It Out

Hey there friends!

Sooo I didn't post yesterday, mostly because the normal weekend recap post would have bored you to tears.

D went camping so I was on my own. I did a lot of shopping. We just got a new 'At Home store' which is like a hobby lobby and bed bath & beyond mix and i LOVE IT!!  Plus a little ulta, tj maxx & hobby lobby shopping.

other than that, it was a lot of gossip girl.
on season two already, obsessed.
hate georgina, love dan & serena. Chuck scares me.

ANYWHOOS I am here to share how my workouts/fitness has been going.

Last week I shared how I meal plan/prep. I have been planning my workouts as well and I wanted to share with you what i've been doing.

One. I plan my workouts ahead. NOT every single machine/exercise just what cardio/muscle group(s) I plan on doing.

I still do cardio first. Mostly because i dislike cardio, and I want to get it over with and I feel that if I do it second I will cheat myself. I do weight training second. I am not expert on weights and lifting and I haven't seen TONS of changes,  but i have seen some and I know it takes time.

I like to lift for one/two specific areas each time.

for example (and this is how my weeks usually look)
Monday- Triceps and Shoulders
Tuesday-Legs, sometimes glutes
Wednesday- Rest (i tutor/work late at school until 6)
Thursday- Back & Biceps
Friday- Glutes/Abs
Saturday- LONG run, no lifting
Sunday- Rest

I do cardio every time I go to the gym. I am really focused on fat burn and getting weight off, which is why I am doing cardio. I usually run, but once a week I mix it up and do the stair mill for 30 minutes.

I have built up my running stamina since January and I usually do about 3.1 without any stops during the week, and then walk at an incline until 3.5. This usually takes me around 38-40 minutes.

On my long run day (saturday mornings) I have been running 5.5 without stopping. EEEEK! can you believe  can run for an hour straight?? because I can't.

I get exercise ideas (for free weights) from instagram. I follow fitness pages, my fave is SHONDA1020. She posts videos that are usually targeted to ONE area of the body. I would check her out for sure.

I would be more than willing to share any free weight exercises that I do if you wanted any idea. I use a lot of the weight machines as well (those take up a bulk of my lifting--I am just now getting into the free weights)

How are your workouts going?! Share with me all your stuffs!!!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Say what, FRIDAY!


thank god it's friday.
This has been the longest freaking week.

BUT its the weekend. D is headed out for a boys camping trip from tonight til Sunday.

So I get to have a little alone time for the weekend. I am excited to get stuff done and finish unpacking, binge watch netflix.

I am wild. 

Okay so since it's friday I have many things to share.
well okay, not many...just 5.

{1} Joe and Teresa are going to jail. As in for many months. Does anyone think it will stick? Will they actually serve the whole time or even have to go?

{2} Since I said I would be binge watching netflix, that will include Gossip Girl. I know I am late to the party since it went off the air forevs ago, but I am on season 1 episode like 4. D hates it already, but i am in love. NO SPOILERS.

{3} I have a 5.5 miler scheduled for tomorrow. I am not looking forward to it. I like running with D next to me because it's like that motivation to keep going, and since he will be gone I will have to find the motivation within... is that too emotional sounding?

{4} These nails.

LOVE the new mani.

{5} This.

& this.


happy friday.
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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Bucket List

Happy October first!

Is it really october?? How is this even possible?
BUT I feel like i always say that at the beginning of a new month. Time seems to be flying by, well unless it's after an 11 hour day and you are just plain pooped, then the day feels like it has been dragging.

BUT since Fall is officially in swing of things I guess it's time for a new bucket list. I am always someone who likes to be working toward something else. My boots for example. Keeping those goals in the back of my mind give a little extra motivation. I love having it written out for me to see.

Fall Bucket List

- Carve a Pumpkin

-Have a day off (both D & I) and get out n about and enjoy it (NOT STRESS or school stuff)

-Run at a 6.0 for 2 miles (I am only at 1.5 miles now)

-Increase my shoulder raise weights

-Try 3 new Pinterest Recipes

-Get down one more pant size

- Attend a Halloween Party

-Complete 3 DIY projects

-Go mini golfing (before its gets too cold)

-Drink hot coco and have a night in with D

-Have 2 girls nights (with mas wine)

What are your goals for this fall?

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Meal Planning & Prepping 101

Good Morning Friends!!

So last week I mentioned how I have been meal prepping every Sunday and I asked if anyone was interested, and I got a few of you who wanted to know what I do.

I am no professional, but this has helped me SO much and it's working for me.

So I follow a lot of fitness/health instagrams and I kept seeing people talking about meal prep. I was totally intimidated for a few reasons.

1. It would overtake my whole day
2. It would be expensive
3.I would get bored because I'd be making a larger batch of things to eat all week.

So far none of that has happened.

Yes it does take time, but not an entire Sunday (the day I do it). I think my max time from start to finish was 2 ish hours. I have done it quicker than that by far. The time it takes me to prep for the week it totally worth being on track and really it even out because I am not trying to pack my lunch every night.  I just throw my containers/baggies in my lunch bag,

It isn't too expensive, because I haven't really bought anything i wouldn't normally buy. I have added a few new things/ideas to my list, but nothing crazy.

I don't fix one thing for the entire week. I usually make two types of meals & then alternate. This way I don't get bored. Plus I add toppings to make it a little different.

The first thing I do it meal plan.

I plan out every meal/snack for the whole week. Weekends are usually left open because I'm not always sure what I will doing, BUT i pretty much have toast/eggs every weekend morning and I try to stay on track through the weekend, sometimes I slip. *still a work in progress*

I find meal ideas on pinterest. D & i are trying out new recipes because lately I felt like I was making the same thing all the time.

After I meal plan, I make my grocery list and ONLY GET the stuff for my meals/snack for throughout the week. No extras. This helps me from not grazing because if I have the bad stuff, I will eat it.

I usually grocery shop on Saturday or Sunday before I prep.

How I plan- I only prep for breakfasts/lunches. Dinners I wouldn't say I really prep for unless it's just defrosting meat. The meals I make for dinner are usually pretty quick/don't take tons of time so I don't feel like I need to prep. Plus it's just me & D eating, not an entire family. I could cut some time by cutting veggies ahead of time. But I enjoy doing that (I am weirdo) so I don't prep for dinners.--I still plan them obviously.

For lunches, I think about 2 things. What protein/veggie am I going to have and what can I make for  2-3 servings. I pretty much eat just chicken and turkey for my proteins throughout the week for lunch. Sometimes I throw tuna in there.

I also always prep my sides- so if I am having carrots 3 days that week, I get them in the baggies. Same with crackers. That way I can just grab them. Other veggies that needed to be cooked, get cooked.

Keep it simple, friends.

Many times I take chicken tenders/breasts- grill them on the george foreman or just in a skillet. I put different seasonings on them to switch up the taste for the week.

Then I add veggies. I do broccoli a lot (because I love it) but many times I will roast asparagus and chop up some bell peppers and throw it in a skillet. I also get the Uncle Ben's 90 second rice (which lasts me 2 meals) and heat that up.

Add a fruit/string cheese and you are good to go.

To mix it up with flavors, marinade your chicken. I have used light Italian dressing/made my own--Olive Oil, Garlic, Lemon Juice & pinch of Salt/Pepepr is a good one. Put the chicken in it in the morning, stick it in the fridge, and then cook it up when you prep later.

I just cook it all ahead of time, put it in containers so it's ready for me and I am not scrambling before bed or in the morning (HELLLO SLEEP, duh.)

Here are some pics from food preps I have done.

Main proteins I use

Love Mrs. Dash.

Made chicken meatballs, skinny version of course.

Broccoli, is a major staple
I usually lay out my Tupperware. (Chicken strips& Broccoli plus chicken meatballs and red sauce)
**two of those meatball containers were D's**
This was from a few weeks ago, (chicken breasts and broccoli) But I wanted to show you how I package my carrots ahead of time.

Things I cook/pack
chicken breasts/tenders with various seasonings/marinades
carrots w/ 'ranch dip' (plain greek yoghurt & ranch seasoning packet)
green beans (sauteed in pan/boiled)
peppers/onions (sauteed in skillet)
apple sauce
string cheese
ground turkey/chicken--i make skinny sloppy joe/meatballs
steamer veggies (from freezer section)--HUGE TIME SAVER if you don't have time to cook up fresh.
any kind of fruit-apple/orange/strawberries/clementines/plums/peaches
crackers(I get brown rice crackers from the organic market) with laughing cow
Brown Rice (Uncle Ben's 90 second packets)

Those are just some ideas. I know chicken breasts can get BORRRRING. But adding different flavors to that chicken can change it up but keep it healthy. Look on Pinterest for ideas. I make stir frys with low sodium soy sauce while adding in tons of veggies

Hope this helps. I am still tying new things and figuring it out, but I feel like I have been very successful so if you need any help/questions/ideas for meals let me know! I'd love to help!