Monday, November 24, 2014

So I have the whole week off..

yeah I do.
We got the whole week off and I AM SOOOO not hating it. I have already been to the gym and showered..and it's 9:30 am. Who am I???

& I am actually writing this post on a monday!What?!

anyways here was my weekend. I didn't take too many pictures


We were surprised with Sonic drinks since it was our last day before break and just a little oooomph. Sweet tea, per usual.

D and I also had date night (which I took zero pictures) but he took me to see Mockingjay part 1 at the fancy theater. Basically its a 21 and up theater that holds about 30 -40 people. They have recliners and then they have servers who bring you dinner.

amazing. just everything :)

Killed my run, 6.2 miles done and done.

EEEEK we went xmas shopping. We were looking for a tree and can we talk about how EXPENSIVE they are??? We finally found one at Target for a under a hundred.  BUT EEEK I am gettin in the spirit. I love it all...and want it all.

D's sister was in a play so we went to the matinee with Jen & Cody. After we were starving...well I was starving. So we got mexican, and duh margs.

OOTD, Shirt from Khols, and scarf from walmart
It was super rainy and gross but D & I had a few other errands to run so it was comfy clothes for moi.
A litttle too much ulta.. :)
& UHHH love this new phone background. Friday, yeah that is gonna be slapped up on my phone.

Anyways, if you are at work have fun, only a few more days :)

Happy Monday Dolls!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Happenings

Happy Monday Dolls!
This weekend, as usual flew by! I was so excited for this one to get here, but knowing I just have to make it 5 more days until I get a whole week off is WAY too exciting! I can make it.

Anyways here is a peek at my weekend.  I wasn't a great blogger and forgot a lot of pictures, but hey sometimes you just gotta live in the moment and put the phone down. Well at least D tells me that all the time...


Yup this was how my friday started. I had MRI training which is basically when a trainer comes to teach new teachers (I am still considered new) lots of things about literacy once a month. We have a FAB trainer and he brought us these amazing cupcakes from a small bakery from his town. NOTE the larabar that I had for breakfast. i was gonna be good, but I mean HELLLLLO look at that i splurged.

Friday night I also went to happy hour with a few teacher friends. It was so nice to hangout and relax. D and I were in bed at 9:12, party animals I tell ya, BUT I had to be up early for the gym, so least my priorities were on track.

D was up at the butt crack of dawn to hunt, so I headed to the gym around 8 (after cleaning the apartment) for my long run. 6.2 again. It literally amazes me how far I can run. This quote is wonderful. I am the happiest I have been in so long and I know it has to do with my fitness. I am not where I wanna be, but SO much closer.
OOTD for the baby shower I attended for a teacher who I used to work with.
EEEEK :) She is having twins, how presh is this banner?
OOTN- Top is Charming Charlies. We went to our friend Zach&Krysta's house for dinner and game night. It was literally so much fun. A little vino & catch phrase makes a wonderful saturday evening.

We slept in and then had breakfast together. Over easy eggs with 2 pieces of eziekel bread. (this is the low soduim and I HATE IT! I am going back to the 7 grains whenever I go to the store next) I added PB to one and organic no sugar added blackberry jam to the other

The boys went hunting again Sunday afternoon, so Jen & I ran errands. McAlisters called our name. ALSO #NSV I got a huge water instead of a sweet tea..that is a huge victory for me!
OOTD in the khols bathroom...I am so cute...  It was snowing and I didn't feel the need to be super cute.
Meal Prep. This week was pretty simple. Chicken breasts, Broccoli and some peppers. I sauteed the peppers and the broccoli in a skillet. For the chicken breasts I glazed them with Balsamic vinegar, honey and a little garlic powder and just cooked them in a skillet. I also have a progresso light soup for one of my lunches. If you haven't seen my meal prep post, I break it down for ya there..

That was my weekend. Equal parts relaxing and busy. Now I just gotta make it to Friday for my vacay and MOCKING JAY PART ONE :))))

Have a great Monday!

Friday, November 14, 2014

5 For Friday

This whole 4-day week thing, well let's just say I can get used to it! The week seemed to FLY by and I am not hating it. I am so ready for this weekend. I have many fun plans actually planner and I ready to get it started, especially Happy Hour tonight with some frannns.

But with that being said I am giving you my 5 for friday!

1. Hunting Widow. Have you heard that term before? Well basically hunting season is in full swing. Rifle season starts this weekend which mean D will be out with his brothers hunting both Saturday & Sunday morning. They leave at roughly 4:45AM...uh yeah this girl will be rolling right over and falling back asleep. I actually am not going to mind too much because I have lots of cleaning/shopping to do this weekend.

reminder, how cute he is as a hunter. #awwww #imgross&mushy

2. Vests. I NEED ONE, NOW. Stat. all the kinds.



3. My frient Tessa is expecting twin next spring and is having her baby shower tomorrow. I am so excited to go because, i mean come one. How stinkin' cute is it to buy little baby things?

4. It is suppose to snow tomorrow. The weather has been bitter cold the past week. I say, BRING IT ON!

5. Only 5 more school days until  I HAVE AN ENTIRE WEEK OFFFFF! We are going to STL for thanksgiving and I cannot wait :)

Happy friday loves!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How I feel about the gym {In gifs}

Okay so most of you know that I have been on the health train for a while and got my gym membership about 9 months ago. I love my gym. It is cheap and literally so close that i can walk. HOWEVER, even though I have seen results and my stamina and strength have is still a struggle.

almost every day.

So here is my normal gym thought GIFs, duh.

6am-- man I feel pretty thin right now, (probably because I haven't eaten in 8 hours) the gym must be working so I am totally going to kill it at the gym tonight.

12:20: Didn't get in the candy box and stayed on track with my snack & lunch. I got this..

1:30: Mid-Day blues..exhaustion is setting in...How I am I going to get enough energy to go to the gym?

4:30: Finally leaving school, ready to get home and hit the gym! I got this! Feeling motivated!

5:15: Made it home, kick of the shoes and make the wrong choice.
Sit on the couch.
 D comes in and says 'Okay, Ready for the gym?"


5:30: D is now becoming impatient and pretty much dragging me out the door

5:40: I see the treadmill

5:45:I suck it up and start to run. Getting into my run, I am feeling it, feeling strong

6:10: Realizing I still have a mile left

6:45: Done with workout and ready to head to the door

6:50: walking into my apartment after killing it. DAYYYUUUM look at dem guns.

so it's not all peaches and cream. 
but gotta do what i gotta do.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend Happenings

So, I might be sitting on the couch listening to D cook sausage and biscuits. I might have taken today off. Now I do have 2 doctor appointments, so its not all fun and games BUT sleeping in until 8:30 was AH-MAZING. We are going to get errands done later and hit the gym early before all the monday people show up.

Since I have a few extra minutes I thought I would fill you in on my weekend


OOTD, love jean fridays. Shirt is from Gordmans. I LOVE it.
Snack time. I have been loving the Lara Bars.
D & I had a wild friday that included meal plan and grocery shopping. Look at all the produce :)

We also had a Hunger Games marathon since he got me tickets to go opening night :) Oh ya know just an apple, dark chocolate chips and a bit of warmed honey for dessert!

We were up bright & early for the gym. UH YEAH THAT WOULD BE A FREAKING 10K without and stops that I did :) It was awesome and I am so proud of myself!!!

That afternoon we went to wingapalooza. Which is basically this big event where you go and sample all kinds of wings from local restaurants! It was a blast!
Saturday night was girls nights :) Dinner and downtown. It was so fun. I am old thought because I was home WAY before midnight!


D was out hunting so I cleaned the apartment and organized a few closets, did dishes etc. Then I watched beauty videos. This is my new guilty pleasure. I love it!
Sunday night was spent at D's parents and lots of snuggles with this beeb :)

Have a great monday :)

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Currently //November

Can I get an Amen that it's Friday eve? I am so glad that it is almost here because I have lots of fun things planned including girls night downtown which has not happened in AGES!

I feel like this week is flying by! I love weeks where I stay busy all day and they don't seem to drag! My students' music performance is tonight. It will be a long day at school. 7am until 8:15pm or so...but I cannot wait to watch them! They are too excited.

Okay onto my currents since I have been slightly absent around these parts..

{Watching} The Black List on Netflix and of course Bravo, Vanderpump Rules started Monday!!

{Drinking} LOTS of that H20

{Listening} This song is my fave right now

{Excited for} Wingapalooza this weekend with D

{Thinking} I am SO ready for my three day weekend!

{Hoping} Snow days might be in our future soon

{Reading} James and the Giant Peach with one of my reading groups. We are almost done and I am kinda sad its almost over.

What are you currently doing?

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dear Little Girl,

I have seen these floating around blog land last week and I think it was part of some blogtober maybe. I thought it was a good idea and so now you have today's post.

A letter to my younger self.

Dear Sarah,

Stop! Full Bangs do not work on you. EVER. Don't let mom tell you it will be 'cute' because, honey, it won't be. Go ahead and skip that high school statistics class. Starbucks and an extra 30 minutes of sleep is worth it because you won't EVER use it. Well so far anyway. That girl that you can't possibly forgive, you will. Your heart will mend and you will practically forget why she hurt you in a few years, just forgive her now and save that friendship. It will be worth it. Let go of that other friend. Some people are not meant to be your friend forever, and that is okay. I promise.

Don't be so nervous about college, it will be great. You will pledge a sorority and those girls will get you into a lot of trouble, BUT they will also be your best friends and help you have the stories that you have. GO TO THE GYM. Do not wait until sophomore year to start working out, do it now. Oh and keep it up so you don't lost a bunch of weight and the gain it back four years later and have to start over at 24. That sucks,

You do not HAVE to go out 4 nights a week. Stay in sometimes. Don't drink and drive EVER. Try sushi when your friends ask you the first 463789 times. You will love it and will realize how much you  have been missing out on.

Moving home will NOT be the worst part of your life. It will only be for four months and YES subbing will pay off. You will get a teaching job and it will be wonderful. The hard work and the waiting will be worth it.

 DO NOT drive to Springfield EVERY weekend for him. Do not put him first because he will never put you first. Stop being needy and letting your happiness depend on him. He is still going to break your heart, but I promise you it will get better. SO much better. You will meet someone just a few months after those days where breathing was hard, let along getting dressed. He will be your match. Your soul mate. Just wait for him. It will be the best thing that has ever happened to you and you will appreciate him so much more because you were once broken.

Also, he will love you. So much that it will almost seem like he loves you more than you love him. We both know that won't be true. Be patient with him and remember he is a good man and will not ever hurt you one purpose. Love him and be slow to anger. He is a boy, he cannot help but be ornery sometimes.

Also, go to the gym. STOP skipping the workouts or eating those fries because you think 'ehhh one won't hurt'. Because you will run 6 EFFING MILES one sunday and it will all be worth it.

You are going to do just fine.


P.S. Sparkly belts and body glitter really aren't the top fashion choices, maybe don't spend your allowance on them.